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We make custom geospatial information systems

MVP & Product Design

Go to market quickly with a high quality Minimum Viable Product and prove the product’s main assumptions

Mobile Apps

Offer your services to your customers even through their mobile devices


We work with you, Not for you
Software Design & Development
Geospatial Solutions
Progressive Web App
Native Mobile App

Geospatial Solutions

Building on years of experience, we use a broad spectrum of geospatial technology, including AI and cloud computing, to deliver robust products in a cross-industry range of areas, from pre-processed satellite images to thematic maps.

A recent project

By using satellite imagery, assessing and monitoring of agricultural production becomes much easier — be it single fields, or entire landscapes. It is a powerful tool for spatial information on the land’s condition and to support land and water ressource management.

Monitoring of crop conditions and growth to support more efficient farming practises, or monitoring of cultivated areas and crop types, including associated bio-physical indicators.

Software Design & Development

We rely on innovation and creative thinking at all levels to make our software unique, without neglecting essential aspects such as reliability and cost-efficiency.

Custom software development has been our profession and our passion since th 90's.
We use our expertise to develop the best custom software for you - we listen, develop and provide you with a custom software solution tailored uniquely to your business needs and budget.

Building modern scalable product in a timely manner is what we do. Our approach guarantees an organized and reusable architecture built with modern technologies.

Progessive Web App - MVP

When performance is not an issue but budget is, PWA's can be the perfect trade-off to go mobile

Native Mobile App - MVP

Provide your customers with the full power of a native mobile app.


We're more than a software company

Who we are

We are experienced software engineers who are committed to reaching our clients' goals. We listen to you, we ask you questions, we come back to you with solutions.


It takes passion and constant research on cutting-edge technologies and architectures to be able to provide our clients with what they deserve: the best software possible. That is exactly what we do: we continually study in order to be able to turn your plans into software.

How we work

In short... we listen attentively.

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